A discussion on the case of three boys being reported missing in west memphis

Who are the West Memphis Three? Intwo juries found the men, who were teenagers at the time, guilty of murdering three eight-year-old boys Stevie Branch, Michael Moore and Christopher Byers in May in West Memphis.

A discussion on the case of three boys being reported missing in west memphis

May 6, The Discovery The children's bodies are found in a creek in an area known locally as the Robin Hood Hills. They had been beaten and hog-tied with their shoelaces. May 7, Police interview year-old Damien Echols about the crime.

Jun 3, The Interrogation After being interviewed by the police for hours, mentally challenged Jessie Misskelley implicates himself, Baldwin and Echols in the murder of the three children.

Baldwin, Echols and Misskelley are arrested. Misskelley later recants his confession. Aug 4, The three plead not guilty to capital murder at a pre-trial hearing.

Feb 4, The Trial A jury in Clay County Circuit Court convicts Misskelley of first-degree murder in the death of Michael Moore and second-degree murder in the murders of Stevie Branch and Christopher Byers and sentences him to life in prison plus two year terms. Mar 18, Baldwin and Echols are found guilty of capital murder by a jury in Jonesboro.

God help him if he'd ever discovered Poe. And yet this vague proposition of the murders as an expression of an ignorant boy's conception of the demands of demonology was the state's entire case. That's all we had. May 27, The U. Supreme Court rejects Echols' appeal without comment.

A discussion on the case of three boys being reported missing in west memphis

Jun 17, Re-Trial Denial Judge Burnett denies Echols's argument that his defense team was ineffective in the original trial and denies Echols' appeal for a new trial. Terry Hobbs, who lives in Bartlett, Tenn. Hobbs says he is not bothered by the evidence and maintains he has no connection with the crime.

Beebe with hundreds of postcards from supporters around the world asking for their pardon. The governor says he won't pardon the three or commute their sentences.

Jan 20, Judge Burnett denies Baldwin and Misskelley's request for retrials. At issue is each side's interpretation of the state's DNA statute and the "intent" behind the law that grants access to DNA testing, and possibly relief, for those wrongly convicted of crimes.

The court says the circuit judge must consider not only the DNA evidence presented by the defense, but any other exculpatory evidence, including evidence not presented in the original trials. Feb 18, Discussion of Re-trial Attorneys for the WM3 file briefs on evidence and testimony they hope to develop in the Arkansas Supreme Court-ordered hearing on whether they should receive new trials.

The defendants asked for new DNA testing of physical evidence from the case, including skin samples from the victims and their clothing. The men also want to call as witnesses the father of one of the victims and one of his friends because they are likely sources of DNA that was found in physical evidence, though no trace of the Mar 17, Circuit Judge David Laser of Jonesboro schedules a hearing for Oct.

Aug 19, The Release In a rarely used plea arrangement known as an "Alford plea," Baldwin, Echols and Misskelley plead guilty to murder while still maintaining their innocence.

Judge Laser releases them with time served and a suspended year sentence.Nov 23,  · The BlackboardThe Child Homicides in West Memphis.

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PARTICIPATED. The BlackboardThe Child Homicides in West Memphis > The Case > The West Memphis Three - Case Discussion Forum. Case Discussion Forum Sightings of the boys . Who are the West Memphis Three? Complete fabrication A crucial witness says her testimony in the West Memphis Three case three eight year old boys left in a muddy ditch after being.

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Vincent J. M. DiMaio was asked to re-investigate the autopsy report of the controversial case of the West Memphis Three. Home; Ancient & Medieval History Home › Contemporary History › Reopening the West Memphis Three. Reopening the West Memphis Three. Posted on The boys’ dilated anuses were interpreted by the.

Mar 29,  · The mother of a boy killed in the well-known "West Memphis Three" case alleges that her ex-husband and his drinking buddies are the culprits who . The West Memphis Three Debate > Case Discussion > WM3 General Case Discussion > Bojangles Man.

Share. Share with: Link: Copy link. 15 posts I mean I know that they did not know at that time that the three boys had been murdered, but she did know there were 3 little boys missing not a mile away? I don't think the Bojangles man had. The Memphis Three Trials: A Chronology Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin during trial (Mar.

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2, ) (photo: Lisa Waddell, The announces that three boys are missing and that he will direct the search efforts.

May 6 The True Story of the West Memphis Three, a book by Mara Leveritt, is published. The book strongly suggests a miscarriage of.

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