Body shop retail strategy

Retailing in antiquity[ edit ] Marketplace at Trajan's Forum, the earliest known example of permanent retail shopfronts Retail markets have existed since ancient times.

Body shop retail strategy

Mention Uniqlo to any global citizen today and the associations of quality, affordability and fashionable come to mind immediately.

That is how successful Uniqlo has become in recent years. It has become yet another contender in the global fast fashion retail market. How did it manage to capture a share of this competitive fast fashion retail market so quickly?

Body shop retail strategy

This soul is reflected in the 23 Management Principles that Tadashi Yanai has Body shop retail strategy and indoctrinated in each and every Uniqlo employee.

The essence of these principles includes putting customers first, giving back to society and being self-disruptive. Shortly after becoming company president inhe opened a new store — Unique Clothing Warehouse, which was later shortened to Uniqlo.

Tadashi Yanai also discovered that many foreign fashion chains were vertically integrated, taking control of the entire business Body shop retail strategy from design to production to retail.

Byhe had successfully opened more than Uniqlo stores across Japan.

Body shop retail strategy

However, one of the main challenges faced was consumer perception of the brand — it was perceived to be a discount retailer selling cheap and low-quality apparel to the suburbs.

This perception completely changed when the brand opened a 3-storey store in iconic Harajuku in central Tokyo in — people started noticing Uniqlo for its high-quality fleece jackets. The brand perception instantly shifted from being cheap and low-quality, to being affordable but high-quality.

Today, Uniqlo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fast Retailing Company Limited and it is known for providing high-quality private-label casualwear at low prices.

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As at Januarythe brand has grown to more than 1, stores in 15 countries across Asia, Europe and US in just a matter of 20 years. It is the biggest apparel chain in Asia with close to retail stores. Fast Retailing has been growing at an incredible rate in the past 5 years and its confidence is reflected in its revenue forecast of This design driven clothing brand offers unique functional performance owing to in-house fabric and design innovation.

The company distinguishes itself from its price driven competitors by branding its signature innovations with names like HeatTech, LifeWear and AIRism.

Uniqlo provides a superlative physical shopping experience by impeccably managing its stores, inculcating a positive employee culture and through in-store technology like video tutorials that describe product attributes.

Some of the key brand success factors for Uniqlo include the following: Delivery system supporting a clear brand promise: Two of the biggest challenges for any brand is to define a clear brand promise and to consistently deliver effectively on its brand promise across all touch points of the customer experience journey.

Successful brands are those that create supportive organizational and operational structures that facilitate the implementation of strategies to deliver on the brand promise.

On one hand, Uniqlo has indeed managed to successfully define a clear brand promise for itself to provide high quality, performance-enhanced, universal, basic casual wear at affordable prices. On the other hand, it has also created a strong delivery system to deliver on this brand promise.

Stocks can be upgraded within a matter of weeks or replenished within a matter of days.

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By focusing on core products in a limited range of fabrics, Uniqlo is able to consolidate its fabric buys into huge orders that give it greater negotiation power against suppliers which translates into cheaper prices for its customers — serving its brand promise well.

Product development approach and efficient supply chain: Unlike its competitors who sell a large variety of trendy fashion inspired by the global runway, Uniqlo focuses on producing a few styles of urban practical basics.

The company also runs a highly robust supply chain. Through development of a detailed marketing strategy by the marketing department for each season, merchandisers are able to adjust production by style to align with demand well in advance.

Concept meetings with all key product creation teams are held about a year before a product is launched. Once a garment is in production, about skilled staff members visit production centers to ensure quality and resolve outstanding issues.

Customer concerns are also addressed by the production department which keeps the product teams plugged into what the end consumer thinks, as product and marketing teams work closely together around strategy and execution. Company culture and visionary leadership: InTadashi Yanai was ranked number no.

Sincehe has provided an percent shareholders return, and the market capitalization of Uniqlo has increased USD 39 billion. He is credited widely for the huge success and explosive growth of Uniqlo in the past 15 years due to his creation of a strong company culture which focused on teamwork, innovation and customer experience.

This has definitely contributed to its global success and it something other aspiring global companies can learn from. In terms of company culture, the organizational structure is well known to be flat with employees greatly encouraged to provide suggestions. The values and goals of the company are translated directly into processes and measures exhibited strongly by employees all over the world.

Company financials are completely transparent to employees and sales and charted and posted daily. The brand also places a huge emphasis on its retail store experience and micromanages every customer touch point. Staff training is a huge priority for the company as each new employee is trained for a remarkable 3 months — way above global industry average.

Every activity undertaken by its employees are recorded and analyzed — from apparel folding technique, to the way retail staff returns credit cards to customers with both hands and full eye contact.Thousands of beautiful cards and gifts for every occasion – from birthday, to anniversary, to holiday.

Shop top brands like Tsum Tsum, TY Toys, Yankee Candle, and more. As The Body Shop turns forty, it has unveiled a new global CSR strategy. The Commitment is part of the retailer‘s pledge to sustainability, and will be an extensive programme of global activity.

Transcript of Marketing Mix Strategies: Exploring The Body Shop (The 4 P's of Marketing). In the longer term The Body Shop is investing heavily in making every retail outlet eco-friendly by using locally-sourced SSC-certified wood, sustainable materials in its flooring, LED lighting.

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