Content analysis notes for revision

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Content analysis notes for revision

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Alamy How do you get the most out of your revision time, and end up with the best grades you can? Or, if you're a different sort of student, how can you get the same grades you're getting now, but spend less time revising? Either way, you need to know how to learn better.

And fortunately, decades of research carried out by psychologists about learning and memory has produced some clear advice on doing just that. As an experimental psychologist, I am especially interested in learning.

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Most research on learning is done in a lab, with volunteers who come in once or twice to learn simple skills or lists of words. Wouldn't it be better, I thought, if we could study learning by looking at a skill people are practising anyway?

And could we draw links between how people practise and how good they eventually get?

Content analysis notes for revision

Computer games provide a great way to study learning: Players even finish the game with a score that tells them how good they are.

Using data from a simple online gamemy colleague Mike Dewar and I could analyse how more thanpeople learned to play.

The resulting scientific papershowed in unprecedented detail the shape of the learning curve, allowing us to test existing theories of learning, as well as suggesting some new ideas on the best ways to learn. So here are my five evidence-based tips on how to learn: Space your practice Our analysis showed that people who leave longer gaps between practice attempts go on to score higher.

In fact, the longer the gaps, the higher the scores. The difference is huge: Our finding confirms lots of other research: This is easier said than done, but if you are organised enough, you can spend less time revising and remember more. Make sure you fail occasionally A new result from our analysis shows that people who are most inconsistent when they first start have better scores later on.

Our theory is that these people are exploring how the game works, rather than trying to get the very highest score they can every time. The moral is clear: Practise the thing you'll be tested on The big mistake many students make is not practising the thing they will be tested on.

If your exam involves writing an essay, you need to practise essay-writing.

Content analysis refers to the process in which presentations of behaviour or qualitative data from self-reports are analysed. Study notes Content and Thematic Analysis. Levels: AS, A Level; Exam boards: AQA, Edexcel, OCR Grade Booster workshops are designed to provide essential revision support to AQA A Level Psychology students as. Content Analysis Warning: The information below is only for revision purposes to get a better understanding on the description and application of content analysis. paragraph plus prewriting notes that include information, ideas, descriptions, quotes, Elaboration and Revision. Personal and Expressive Writing Elaboration 1 Classification Informative Exposition: Analysis Informative Exposition: Synthesis Persuasion Writing About Literature Reports Writing for Assessment Revising and Proofreading. 2.

Merely memorising the material is not enough. Writing exam answers is a skill, just like playing an online game is a skill.Content Analysis Notes (for Revision) Content Analysis Warning: The information below is only for revision purposes to get a better understanding on the description and application of content analysis.

Content analysis is a research tool focused on the actual content and internal features of media. It is used to determine the presence of certain words, concepts, themes, phrases, characters, or sentences within texts or sets of texts and to quantify this presence in an objective manner.

OSC’s English A: Literature (HL/SL) Revision Course helps you to review syllabus content, consolidate your understanding of different genre conventions, and .

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Content analysis - Mindmap in A Level and IB Sociology