Smartphone mobile phone and excellent time

The LG G2 is a brilliant phone. Its sound quality could be more engaging, though it does sound great with high-res audio. Due for an upgrade soon?

Smartphone mobile phone and excellent time

Is the mobile data on your mobile phone not working? Looking for some suggestions to get your cell phones internet working properly again? If however you can access the internet through your mobile data but you cannot access the internet using Wi-Fi then I suggest reading How to fix the Wi-Fi internet on an Android smartphone instead for more specific instructions for that issue.

Possible issue with the web browser Before you begin troubleshooting the internet on your Android smartphone you are going to want to make sure that the issue is in fact internet related and not a problem with the internet browser.

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If it turns out to simply be a problem with your internet browser than fixing your internet problem is going to be extremely quick and easy. Checking a web browser is a relatively simple process. Open your internet like you would if you wanted to look something up online or visit a website.

Then you are going to want to tap on the URL bar at the top of the page the one that shows the website that you are currently on and you are going to manually enter the URL of a major website that you know should be working. My favorite URL to try is google.

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Just type it in and then hit ENTER on your phones keyboard the Enter key on your phones keyboard is in the same location that it would be in on a computers keyboard and it looks like an arrow that goes down and then points to the left. If you are using a third party or downloaded web browser than make sure that you try using the default web browser that came with your phone to see if the original web-browser is working properly.

If the original internet browser is working properly then that third party browser is experiencing Smartphone mobile phone and excellent time and you might need to contact the software developer of that program for additional assistance as their app or software might need to be updated in order to work properly.

Have wireless service but no internet This guide is intended to help fix an Android phone that is still able to make and receive calls but is unable to browse the internet properly.

Signal strength If your cell phone only shows one or two bars of service then chances are your cell phone will not be able to connect or stay connected to its mobile internet. Try moving to a location where you can get more than 2 bars of signal strength on your cell phone and then try accessing your mobile internet again.

Airplane Mode Make sure to check that the Airplane Mode is not active. This setting is actually designed to cease the communications between a cell phone and its mobile network.

If this setting is activated then chances are you are having more trouble on your phone than just the internet as it prevents the phone from making or receiving calls, sending text messages, and of course accessing the internet through your mobile data. If the Airplane Mode does have a checkmark then uncheck this setting and try to access your mobile internet to see if this was the cause.

Smartphone mobile phone and excellent time

If your phones internet starts working then enjoy, if this setting is disabled as it should be then keep reading for some additional suggestions.

Verify that mobile data is on If your mobile data was accidently turned off or disabled then that would be a very good reason why the mobile internet on your cell phone is no longer functioning properly. While in these settings, make sure to check that Data Enabled is checked and that the Use Packet Data is selected and checked as well.

If you end up having to correct or adjust any of these settings then make sure to test your mobile internet afterwards to see if it solved the problem. Check your limit Many new smartphones allow you to set a limit on how much mobile data your phone is allowed to use.

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This can be a useful and powerful tool that can help prevent you from accidently going over on your data plan. If this option is checked then look at the data usage chart on that screen and see if your usage has reached the set limit.

If the data limit option is not selected and your Data usage settings look correct then proceed with the next step in troubleshooting. Power cycling trick Before we get into the next section of this guide if you have not already powered your phone off completely for 30 seconds to a minute and then powered your phone back on and then tested your internet then make sure to do so.

Rebooting not to be confused with resetting your Android phone should be one of the first things to do when trying to fix an issue on your smartphone as it can solve many minor software glitches hiccups and or bugs.

So go ahead and power your phone off for a minute and then power it back on and then test your mobile internet connection. If it starts working properly then enjoy your working internet and if it still has issues then try this little trick Turn on your Airplane mode, turn off your phone, count to 30, turn your phone back on, turn the Airplane mode off again, wait for about 30 seconds and then test your internet to see if this trick fixed it, if it does then enjoy and if not then keep reading for some additional suggestions.

Smartphone mobile phone and excellent time

Access your phones Settings, open Wireless and networks, tap on the Proxy settings, tap Clear, reboot the phone and then test your web browser.And while the average user checks his or her smartphone 35 times a day -- for about 30 seconds each time, when the information rewards are greater (e.g., having contact info linked to the contact.

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