Strong and stubborn maggie essay

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Strong and stubborn maggie essay

Jul 7, Big Maggie — John B. Keane Big Maggie is a compelling vision of the Irish mother as sociopath. Maggie Polpin Marie Mullen is a just widowed mother of four living in rural Ireland, now sole owner of the family shop and farm.

She a complex figure, far from the cliches of Irish femininity which preceded her. This is a hard-bitten, uncompromising woman who puts her personal security above all other concerns.

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She rejects the place which cultural precedent has laid out for her and chooses to drive all of her children away rather than nurture them like a mother hen. He chooses the former.

As the play progresses, Maggie confronts each of her children, shattering their image of themselves until all of them have been forced to leave the nest.

She always maintains the position that it is for their own good and that they must learn how hard and cruel the world really is. The backstory gradually reveals the life she has led to this point and the role she has been forced to play as wife and mother to a philandering husband and ungrateful children.

She has seen the world through eyes which seek out the dark corners of Irish culture, a perspective reinforced by her status and gender. Though she is malicious and stubborn, each of her predictions about her children come true.

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In principle her plan to make adults of them is preferable to the smothering matriarchalism which was the norm even as Keane wrote the play in But circumstances have changed since then.

Maggie seems a unique figure who is disconnected from the modern world in a way which may alienate a contemporary audience. She seems more malicious than is necessary from a post-feminist perspective and frequently appears to be insanely self-involved, virtually delusional.

It is interesting therefore that this Abbey production is directed by Druid Theatre founder Garry Hynes and showcases her fellow co-founder Marie Mullen in the lead role. In these terms it comes across more like a mids vision of female power, and the play seems to have been stripped down in a way which deliberately robs it of colour in an attempt to draw attention to its message.

Whether this is some kind of postmodern double-bluff which criticises such hard-line independence is unclear. The set design is quite literally grey and lifeless, a sepulchral evocation of a world drained of energy by the dullness of rural Irish life.

Maggie herself is an extremely severe figure, primly dressed with her hair pulled tightly back from a face which is always virtually white and frozen in a mask of callous self-assurance.

Though the costumes on the whole reflect the period, there is none of the gawky cheerfulness of postmodern retro-fetishism here.

Maggie A Girl Of The Streets Essays: Examples, Topics, Titles, & Outlines

Everything on stage is clinical and precise in a way which matches the interpretation of the character being created here: The ambiguities are still there however.

The audience is challenged by the schism between how Maggie acts and the seemingly good reasoning behind it. She stands alone in the spotlight in front of a grey set with grey produce representing the stock in her shop behind her, and as the shop counter descends into the stage floor, she bends over to pick up the fallen bright red gloves left by her youngest daughter.

Is there a moment of doubt here?

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Strong and stubborn maggie essay

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Strong and stubborn maggie essay

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