The issue of drunk driving in the prom season

Smart, Sober Choices During Prom Season The buds are on the trees, the weather is getting warmer and the teenage population is all atwitter with the excitement of prom season. Prom may be a rite of passage for young adults, but it can be stressful for parents. April is National Alcohol Awareness Monthwhich makes it a good time of year to warn the teens in our lives about the dangers of drinking and driving. However, there are even more issues to deal with during prom and graduation season, like distracted driving, parent-hosted parties and even abusive dating behavior.

The issue of drunk driving in the prom season

Although we do not want to take away from the joy of these events, it is important that parents are aware of, and prepare their child for, the risks that are inherently involved with the celebrations. In the glow of prom or graduation, even the most sensible kids take risks.

Some of the risks teens can face on prom or graduation night are: Adolescents are already prone to poor decision-making, and they seem especially susceptible at prom or graduation. Here are some tips to keep your teens safe: For many teens, prom or a graduation party is just one stop in a long night of activities.

Communicate with the other parents of the teens your child will be with to make sure you are all getting the same story. Require a cell phone.

Basically they push way too hard and people are getting arrested for drunk driving even when they are not actually driving in the car at all (just being caught near it with keys, a working car, and a bit drunk). “One loss to drunk driving or impaired driving is one life too many,” Cox said. In , Paula Zachary from Amite, Louisiana, lost her son, Brandon Zachary, in a drunk driving accident. Brandon was 19 years old and had just finished his first year at Southeastern Louisiana University. Risky behavior during prom and graduation season, such as drinking and driving or distracted driving can have long lasting consequences. An Oklahoma drunk driving accident can easily prove fatal. Some local schools host educational programs for students as a way to warn students of the dangers of impaired driving.

This is one night where every teen should have a cell phone, so if your child does not own one, lend them yours. Establish a couple of mandatory call-in times with your kids. Additionally, make it a requirement that if the itinerary they gave you changes in any way, they must call to let you know the new plan.

Give your children the unconditional option of calling you at any time for help or advice. That includes picking them up at any time of day or night, with a promise not to shame or humiliate them in front of others.

As you consider the proper curfew, realize that teen car crashes and deaths increase exponentially late at night.

The issue of drunk driving in the prom season

Be aware that some teens desire to stay out all night on prom or graduation night, having brunch together the next morning. As parents, you must decide if this is acceptable or not.

There are plenty of teens who are not staying out all night, and you must decide what you think is best for your teen and your family. If you are not comfortable with them staying out all night, consider allowing your teen to invite friends to spend the night at your house.

If you decide to allow them to stay out all night, let them know that you will contact them at various times until they return home. Be wary of post-event parties. Many teens want to have another party after prom. While this is part of the fun of the event, you need to be cautious about what type of parties you are allowing them to attend.

For example, do not allow your teens to rent a hotel room or take off to a remote spot, such as the beach, with no supervision.

This creates unnecessary risk.

Primary Message: Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving. Note: PROM SEASON ENFORCEMENT BLITZ - APRIL/MAY National Teen Driver Safety Week - Occupant Protection Primary Message: 5 to Drive Primary Message: Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving. June 18, Teen Driving Issues 28 Revised 10/31/ August 15 - September 3, October 27 - 31, Prom season can lead to drunk driving risk, arrests in Tennessee On behalf of Summers, Rufolo & Rodgers posted in DUI/Drunk Driving Charges on Friday, April 12, Statistics suggest that the majority of teenagers do not drink, about 70 percent. Prom and graduation season is full of talks about dresses, dancing and college, but it’s also a time to have serious discussions about underage drinking and drunk driving.

Not only is this illegal, it is unsafe. Despite the fact that the parents are there, teens are still engaging in risky behaviors. Know who is driving. The biggest danger teens face on prom or graduation night is auto accidents, either because the driver has been drinking, is tired, or is simply distracted by a carload of exuberant friends.

If they still end up driving themselves or riding with a friend, communicate your rules: You need their promise on these non-negotiable rules. Parents need to provide leadership, guidance and boundaries to their teens.

Even if you think you have already talked about making healthy choices and the risks of drugs or sex, proms and graduations are a very important time to repeat this message.

Explain why prom or graduation night makes it more difficult to make safe and smart decisions.

The issue of drunk driving in the prom season

Do not be vague! Directly discuss alcohol, drugs, driving impaired, and sex. Ask them how they plan to keep safe and avoid actions they will regret. Even if they roll your eyes, ask your teen to rehearse what he or she would say if offered alcohol or drugs.

Reinforce your belief in their character and in their ability to act responsibly.May 16,  · FALL RIVER — With the high school prom season underway, local police departments and school resource officers are looking to educate young people on the possible deadly consequences of driving impaired and indulging in drugs and alcohol.

Prom season begins around mid-April and usually brings with it an increase in traffic accidents and deaths involving alcohol and underage drivers. Traffic accidents involving alcohol remain the number one killer of people between the ages of 15 and 20 years old.

Prom Night Cost Statistics Data Average amount spend on a prom dress $ Average cost of a prom ticket $75 Average cost of a prom limousine for 4 hours $ May 13,  · In the glow of prom or graduation, even the most sensible kids take risks.

Some of the risks teens can face on prom or graduation night are: binge drinking, drunk driving, drug use, rape, drowsy driving as they stay out so late, and unprotected sex.

Prom season means increased efforts to teach teens about the risks of drunk driving. Learn how some schools are using staged to make the risks feel real. “Unfortunately, every year, thousands of kids between the ages of die from underage drinking, and prom season is a particular vulnerable time for this,” said Kathleen Latouf, the medical.

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