The tourism industry in hong kong tourism essay

Tourism Events[ edit ] Hong Kong has a number a events throughout the year that are aimed at attracting visitors. Originally it was held during day time on Hong Kong Island, and from onward the event has been held during night time in Tsim Sha Tsui. Apart from the decorated floats, the parade also features local and international performance groups.

The tourism industry in hong kong tourism essay

Inarrivals from long-haul markets recorded a 1. In particular, the United States remained the largest long-haul market with 1. General Manager of Hong Thai Travel Services Jason Wong Chun-tat said the number of tourists handled by his company in rose by 3 percent compared with the numbers inand the five most popular destinations were America, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Northeast Europe.


Wong, who holds an optimistic view of the outbound tourism market insaid that he thinks outdoor travel has become one of the trends by which Hong Kong people can relieve pressure and the stress of working in the city.

The newly signed treaty between Hong Kong and Taiwan last month indicated that the increase of 28 weekly flights from Hong Kong to Taipei and Kaohsiung provided more tourism opportunities and benefits to travelers. Another highlight of the tourism industry is the high-speed rail network in mainland China, said Wong.

He added that the high-speed rail between Guangzhou and Shenzhen was opened last month. That is to connect the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail and the high-speed Xiamen-Shenzhen rail which will be completed in With its completion, the rail connection is expected to boost tourism and attract more Hong Kong people to tour the country or visit their relatives.

However, Wong admitted the outbound industry also faced many challenges such as manpower shortage during peak seasons, specifically outbound tour guides and travel consultants. So, the industry is expected to hire more staff in when there is a need to do so.

In tour operation management is to provide and compare tour operations sector with information learned and information compared with example of an organization.

The Tourism Industry in Hong Kong Essay Example for Free

The assignment will serve the purpose for developing student skills in researching and analyzing information of tour operation management. The analysis of management issues which incurs during the process of design ,developmentdistribution and operation is tour operation management.

This is inclusive of travel programs for holidays with entertainment and leisure while traveling areas around the world.

The offer includes expanding and acquiring skills and knowledge. They will be operating either local or international programs or tours. The tourism is according to demand by tourists either local or international and when there is demand the tour operators take advantage of it by creating tour packages with price and destination that is most attractive for meeting the customer satisfaction and expectation.

When travel agents are providing and designing tour packages they must decide according to customer needs and expectations.

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The quality and satisfaction of customers depends on what is offered in tour packages. The major role player is suppliers to tour operators and it is essential for their success.

There are around 32 staff members working towards delivering services and products to passengers demanding attractive holiday packages. There is no fixed number of passengers but it is certain that there is increase in the number of passengers resulting in the increase of revenue.

The tourism industry in hong kong tourism essay

Their employees who are experts and professionals in tour operations made the selection hotels, shopping malls, and other locations within destinations.The tourism industry has been an important part of the economy of Hong Kong since it shifted to a service sector model in the late Birth tourism in Hong Kong.

Essay on Rural Tourism. play an important role in tourism. Top tourism destinations, particularly in developing countries, include national parks, wilderness areas, mountains, lakes, and cultural sites, most of which are generally rural.

Tourism Reflective Essay (select a site from Hong Kong) Here is a further clarification on the Reflective Essay.

The tourism industry in hong kong tourism essay

The general idea behind this assignment is for you to relate knowledge acquired in classroom to the current situation around tourism development in Hong Kong. Essay on French Tourism. Richard Butler 2 and David Airey 3 1 School of Hotel and Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong 2 Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Strathclyde, UK 3 School of Management, University of Surrey, UK This paper proposes that the development of the tourism.

Hong Kong tourism industry The pay was the most important job attribute contributing to job satisfaction in the Hong Kong hotel industry. Tourism Essay. According to option pricing theory, investment project often added value from it associated real options.

Hong Kong Disneyland theme parks as an investment project has.

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