Top 10 tips for business writing

The year-old left behind one of the classics of writing instruction manuals as his legacy, On Writing Well. Since its first printing inthe book has sold 1.

Top 10 tips for business writing

Be first to get the latest content 10 top tips for effective business writing 20 January Written by Speak First Some key hints to help you write more accurate and compelling business documents. Producing clear, effective and professional written communications is one of the ways to differentiate the best organisations from the rest.

Being as clear as possible about what your goal is will allow you to formulate key messages that achieve it.

What are their concerns?

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Do they want lots of detail or just an overview? What will they be doing with the information you provide? Getting your point across concisely increases the chances of them reading what you have to say and acting upon it.

Have one point flow naturally into the next.

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Break it up Use paragraphs, sub-headings and bullets to break up your writing. Large slabs of text rarely get read thoroughly because they look impenetrable and uninviting. Get the tone right There are three Fs when it comes to tone: Formal, Friendly and Familiar.

Reports tend to be Formal while emails are often Friendly.

What to Do First

Make it easy to read Write in Plain English. Avoid long, complicated sentences. Go for an average length of 17 words — with some much shorter. Put your main point at the end of the sentence where it will have the most impact. Writing with conviction and certainty will enhance your credibility and make the recipient feel confident about what you have to say.

Get your spelling and grammar right People who care about such things care a lot. Do a final, careful check Proofread thoroughly. Get someone else to read important documents as well.Freelance writing seems like the ultimate dream come true, doesn’t it?

You get the freedom to work for yourself, write what you want, when you want and choose who you work with. Writing your business plan will make you think objectively about your business, and you may even come up with new business strategies in the process.

The plan will also serve as a record that you can revisit over time to remain on target or reassess your direction. 10 Tools for Improving Business Writing Skills Proper writing requires a lot of practice, so you should devote a portion of your day to practice.

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Don’t be overwhelmed by the challenge; these 10 tools will help you boost your business writing . Nov 09,  · I spent five years at Forbes writing about business and leadership, attracting nearly one million unique visitors to each month.

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top 10 tips for business writing

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12 Tips for Better Business Writing