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Why and how i wish to

It sparked Why and how i wish to fire in reality television and introduced the sport of Mixed Martial Arts to the American masses. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the premier combat sports league worldwide.

Currently, this is the richest sale in the history of professional sports.

Why and how i wish to

With momentum on its side, the UFC based in Las Vegas decided to double-down on its roots and construct a new global headquarters in Sin City. With over athletes under contract, each is considered independent contractors. Photo by Zuffa, LLC. Walking around the complex you get a sense of how big the sport has grown, not only in the United States, but around the world.

He oversees our entire performance team. Our staff is pretty lean, around 10 people. Having a world-class doctor seems imperative for a sports organization, but how about former athletes? Griffin went on to have a successful UFC career, capturing the light heavyweight championship before retiring in He is now the VP of Athletic Development.

They used this research before breaking ground on the new HQ. The tour began where athletes go after long days and nights of training.

Recovery is a very personal approach and strategy. On average you stand inside for three to six minutes. There was also a tanning bed device that I had never seen before. Next were the wet areas, offering a hot spa, cold pool, steam room and sauna.

As we moved along, you could tell no stone was left unturned. There is also a nutrition consultation room as needed for this weight classification sport. While passing through the gym a handful of athletes were seen working out. Longtime veteran featherweight Gray Maynard was lifting weights, and up-and-coming bantamweight, Gina Mazany, was doing cardio.

He has an MMA combat team, but this is a support staff that most athletes have never seen or been exposed to. Some may stop by for a couple days, others hold their entire fight camp on the property.

Just a kid chasing his dream. One area, in particular, caught my eye, with treadmills and gas masks attached. We can take the whole room up to 22, feet, which is the equivalent of Mt. To have this here in proximity to our gym is truly unique.

Whatever an athlete needs for pre and post workouts. Adjacent to that is the physical therapy clinic, which has two therapists on staff, both recruited from Team USA in Colorado. Walking up the second floor, the walls are dedicated to the UFC Hall of Fame and I noticed the stairs had aspirational branding.

The sports specific floor offers different types of bags for various striking skills and there are matted reinforced walls, so you can practice grappling in the first section.

The most prominent feature in the entire building has to be the octagon. The foot wide cage is identical to what fighters compete in on television. While the Performance Institute was built and created for fighters, non-MMA athletes have visited and trained here as well.

After an early training or late night sparring, they can come here and relax. These vibrating sleep pods provide massages, ambient lighting, and music. The grand finale was the multimedia purpose center with stadium seating for A foot LED board retracts from the roof and behind the curtains is a front row view of the octagon inside the gym.

The UFC is also celebrating its year anniversary in with a special logo and will feature unique events throughout the calendar year. For a sport so young, there are no traditional high school or college courses being offered for mixed martial arts. Athlete summits are designed to educate new fighters joining the organization.

Asked if fighters have resisted or prefer training on their own, Griffin was candid.A charitable donation from Bristol-Myers Squibb helped to grant Alexis’ life-changing wish to attend Oxford University’s Introduction to Medicine course.

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